Reasons Why Industrial Concrete May Crack?

The most used more than any other man-made material in the world is Concrete. It is inexpensive, the durability accumulates mix gets stronger with time. It explains why we depend on it so much as a society, any building project or construction job will have local concrete contractors ready. And able to pour floors, walls, and structural components. As a matter of fact, concrete is so tough that we rely on it to get around. In nearly 30% of interstate highways in the USA built using the stuff.


The concrete is strong as is, it is not reliable. Actually, industrial concrete repair often needs when certain degree causes the concrete to crack and split open. Below are the reasons this may happen.

Excess Water in The Mix

When mixing the concrete it does not need a lot of water to achieve the maximum strength. Unluckily, the majority of residential concrete contractors sees the addition of extra water. Due to it makes the concrete easier to pour and install. With this in mind, shrinkage is the main cause of cracking. If the concrete dries, it hard and shrinks because excess water is evaporating from the mix, the greater the shrinkage, and the more likely you will see cracks.

Rapid Drying

The concrete requires to cured a certain way in order to retain its full strength. As the slab dries too quickly, the odds of cracking skyrocket. As long as your concrete contractor knows how to cure his slabs. This must not pose too much of a problem.

Wrong Strength

Usually, construction sites are hectic and accidents mostly happen. Due to concrete comes in many different strengths. Thus, the possibility that cracked concrete simply pours in the wrong strength. To escape this issue talk to your concrete materials procurement and logistics expert.

Frozen Ground

Concrete must not pour on frozen ground. When the mix freezes and then warm, it will not cure correctly. It will result in a very weak slab that is definitely prone to cracking.

If you have concrete work done, make sure to keep these causes in mind. To stop the problem before it occurs is the best way to avoid concrete repair cost. Usually, oftentimes the damage is inevitable. Hence, for better concrete job call Concrete Contractors Grand Rapids Mi.

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