The Role of Notary Signing Agents in Your Closing Process

If you are in the course of closing on a home, there are a few individuals you will meet on the day you cross your T and dot your I. Each of them plays an important part in helping you complete the home buying process. The individual you need to meet is the national mobile notary services. Because mobile notary service near me play an important role in the closing process. In this article, we will learn what they do and how they work during the closing process.

What are Notaries and how they differ from Signing Agent?

An agent of a notary company a fair person who acts as a witness. During the signing process of important papers, like signing your closing papers. In another way, they legally authorize to sign official papers and comments. In reference to the National Notary Association (NNA), they are individuals selected by the state government. They are present during the signing of important papers. And they approve that you are not urging to sign on the dotted line.


With them present in the signing protects you, the signer, as they entrust to confirm. Both the identity of the signee and signer before signing any official papers. Thus, they are the one to approve a current ID that contains a photo, physical description, and signature. This kind of action intended to stop fraud.

How Do They Work?

The character of both sides is important this is according to the NNA. Hence, your willingness to sign the papers without intimidation is critical. Your side, the home buyer, may need to take an oath to confirm your identity. Also, understanding of what you are about to sign.


The signing is complete, the Notary Signing Agent (NSA) will add their signature. To seal and notary duty to the papers, therefore notarizing your documentation. The document needs to notarize otherwise it is not considering legal. The state will not accept the papers once they are sent for recording.


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